ST. CLOUD -- Catholic Charities is ending its adoption services and pregnancy counseling program.

Catholic Charities executive director, Steve Bresnahan says the number of adoptions done through the program has been dwindling throughout the years.

"It's appearing this year we will be doing about two adoptions and that's down substantially, if you go back maybe 30-years ago we were probably doing more than 100."

Bresnahan says a lower number of adoptions could be due to changes within our society.

"Teenage pregnancies are at a 20-year low, we're seeing it much more acceptable in society to be a single parent, a single mom, that didn't used to be the case. I think because of the way we all communicate now and how open we are I think too that there's a lot more adoptions that take place without having to go to an agency."

Catholic Charities will continue to work with anyone seeking adoption resources by referring them to other organizations that can provide more services.

Bresnahan says this was a difficult decision to make but it will be able to provide more funding for other Catholic Charities services.

The adoption services and pregnancy counseling program will be cancelled by the end of the year.