I’m Saying My Goodbyes
Since looking over career choices in 1983, I decided that there were two things I was really interested in. One was becoming a broadcaster, and the other was having a music career.
I've been lucky enough to pursue all of my loves in life...
Pamplona,Spain-Running Of The Bulls Gets Crazy [VIDEO]
With the population of a little over 198,000 people sits a quiet city in Northern Spain by the name of Pamplona. A fun place to visit and see the sites, and like most it is filled with history that dates back to 74 B.C.
Should you happen to make it there say around the 6th of July, one of the most fa…
Cool Clear (and Clean) Water
The State's 10 largest walleye lakes test clean for PFC's in fish - New mercury data will be included in updated fish consumption guidelines in June, so says the Minnesota Department of Health.

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