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Health Matters; Stroke [PODCAST]
This week on WJON's Health Matters program I talked with Leah Roering from CentraCare about "stroke". Leah is a nurse practitioner who works closely with patients experiencing stroke and stroke symptoms. Leah says many effects of stroke include droopiness on one side of the face but…
CentraCare Seeing a Decrease in Covid-19 Patients [PODCAST]
CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today. He says St. Cloud Hospital still has Covid-19 patients in their hospital and ICU but that number has decreased from the week before. He says with the numbers decreasing in the state and the tri-county area that has also shown in their …
Souhan; MLB Owners Could be Forced to Last Resort [PODCAST]
Major League Baseball owners' latest proposal hasn't been voted on by the players but that could change today. The players reportedly were going to vote Sunday but decided against that. Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan says the players generally feel that that owners haven't …
Kleis; Proud of St. Cloud Law Enforcement Officers [PODCAST]
St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON today. He says he's proud of how law enforcement handled the protests and unrest in the city earlier this week. He says he and police chief Blair Anderson are in constant contact and feels communication is key not only with city officials but with …
Song from an African American Artist?
WJON's Question of the Week is asking listeners to name a favorite song from an African American singer. This could be anything from Prince, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, or James Brown just to name a few. Answer this question between 9:10-10 this morning by calling 320-252-5852, email
Souhan; MLB Closer to a Deal [PODCAST]
Major League Baseball proposed a 60-game schedule with full prorated salaries for players but the players association still wants more games. Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan says the chances of an agreement have increased with the two sides meeting face to face.
Souhan; NBA Has a Covid-19 Plan [PODCAST]
The NBA has laid out a 100-page plan as to how they will handle Covid-19 at their Walt Disney World facility in Orlando, Florida when they return to playing. Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan says sports will be returning even if a resurgence of Covid-19 happens.

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