Whether by car or by plane, here are some of the best travel products.

Get Some Zzzzs

Feeling sleepy? Don’t pay $8 for a pillow and threadbare blanket on your flight. Check out the TravelRest Pillow. It’s $25.95 but it’s worth every penny. You sling it over your shoulder and attach it to your seatbelt. It’s inflatable so it’s not going to take up space in your briefcase, handbag or carry on. Even if you’re crammed in a coach seat, you’ll still be able to get some quality sleep. My favorite travel companions besides a good pillow? Ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones. Thank you and good night.

Zip It

Spring weather can be so unpredictable. You don’t want to pack a big anorak jacket because it takes up too much space. And you don’t want to wear it because you’ll have to take it off at security and then put it back on when you get through security and while you’re trying to tie your shoes. Bleah. And what if you get too warm on the plane? The Helium II is the lightest jacket around. It weighs in at 5.8 ounces and folds into a small square. It takes up less room than an iPhone and fits an average adult. The zippers and elastic cuffs are designed to keep rain out. It’s not super warm, but it’s easy enough to throw over a hoodie or heavier jacket.

Lather Up!

Pouring shampoo, conditioner and body wash into one of those TSA approved three ounce bottles is a real pain because they have a tiny little opening, your shampoo comes gushing out and spills all over the place. And many times, the travel sizes you find at the drug store aren’t the kind you use and then you’re stuck because who wants to spend their travel budget on toiletries and some hotels don’t offer soap, shampoo and conditioner. Try the Brincatti Easy Fill Travel Bottles. They’re wide mouthed bottles that close securely, are TSA approved and are about $10 for a pack of four.


Will you be traveling to a place where you’re going to be doing a lot of walking? Don’t want to pack your everyday bulky sneakers? Nothing says “tourist” more than walking around a city in sneakers. Ugh. I was determined to not let that happen to me when I was in Chicago and New York. I wore mostly flip flops or cute sandals in Chicago and my most comfy boots and flats in New York, but those take up a lot of room. Now I can’t wait to go back after discovering that Propet makes a line of shoes that are built for walking, are sturdy and wad up into a ball small enough to throw into your bag.

Keep It Secret Keep It Safe

Many times when I travel, I try not to walk around with a big handbag. Sometimes I don’t use a handbag at all. It’s too easy to get distracted looking for something and lose your way; or worse – someone steals it. I just give it all to Glen or stuff it in my bra. Enter the Vault Pro Convertible Backpack. Yes, backpacks coupled with athletic shoes just screams “tourist!” but, the backpack is convertible and looks like a handbag. The Vault Pro has a steel cable reinforced strap to prevent cutting. It has a locking zipper and slash proof fabric.