SARTELL -- The Sartell High School marching band is getting ready to perform  at Sartell Summer Fest tomorrow. It's the first time that the high school has had a marching band in nearly 14 years.

Band director David Lumley says he's not sure why the band took a 14 year break from marching but they've received a lot of community support in their decision to bring the program back.

There are 45 students in the marching band who have been practicing since the beginning of April. They rehearse every Tuesday night for two hours. Lumley says the season consists of about 100 hours of rehearsal time.

The group is using the same uniforms that the district bought in 1994 but they had to buy new honor guard and color guard equipment. Lumley says the uniforms have only been gently used and look brand new.

He says in the next few years he hopes to double the band's size. They are looking to add a larger percussion section next year.

Saturday's parade performance is part of Sartell Summer Fest. The group will be marching in four parades this summer including Little Falls, Big Lake and St. Stephen.