ST. CLOUD -- Youth and adults in the Sixth Congressional District gathers at the Atwood Memorial Center on the campus of St. Cloud State University for the St. Cloud Youth Summit.

Kori Redepenning is the Director of Engagement and Policy. She says the summit brings youth and adults discuss issues youth have.

"The summit really helps look at issues that young people care about and to find solutions to those issues," says Redepenning.

Activities will challenge adults to remember their youth and how they would experience issues faced today.

Youth Representative Harrison Redepenning says there are many issues youth think about.

"There is bullying, drug/alcohol abuse, crimes, and teen pregnancy has become a big issue."

Harrison says as a youth it's nice to know their opinions matter.

"Representatives and adults are really interested in what we have to say, which you usually don't think adults care," says Harrison Redepenning.

Kori Redepenning says these summits are important for young people because if they should be involved, they should be asked how to solve the problems.


Youth and Adults gather for the St. Cloud Youth Summit. (PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)