RICHMOND -- The Third Annual Yoga and Music Festival is gracing the El Rancho Manana Campground this weekend.

For three days the festival will offer you a chance to participate in yoga, workshops and live music in the evenings.

Festival organizer Kristine Rosa says each activity is important.

"There's a relaxing part just enjoying sitting back and listening to music that's just as important," says Rosa.

This is the first year the festival is being held at the campground. The festival was in Taylor Falls last year.

Rosa says the festival is a way to unplug.

"There is a strength piece to it, and it's starting to identify things within your own body and things that are happening and going on," says Rosa.

Rosa says new activities begin every two hours. Activities include nightly movies, hiking, and hanging out at the beach.

For more information about the festival you can visit


Yoga enthusiasts strike a pose at the Third Annual Yoga and Music Festival. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)