Would you? Could you?

There is a woman in New York, that just got permission to be the first person ever to serve someone divorce papers on FACEBOOK!  No..I'm not joking.  She hasn't seen her husband since 2011, and private investigators can't track him down...But apparently, he IS active on Facebook. So a judge decided to give her the go ahead to use a Facebook message.

The papers have been sent

The judge granted permission last week, and they sent him the papers in a Facebook message. So far, he hasn't responded. The Judge told them to try two more times...and if he STILL doesn't acknowledge it, the divorce will be official anyway.

What do you think? Do you think this is a good idea?  At first, I thought this sounded ridiculous.  But honestly....why not?!  If you're not acknowledging your spouse in any way?  It doesn't seem like that bad of an idea,  if there's no other way to reach them.  Let me know what you think. Send me your comments to: kelly@mix949.com.