SOMEWHERE BETWEEN BIG LAKE AND BECKER - Erik Bendl has walked over two thousand miles, pack on his back, pushing a giant, inflatable globe. While this seems like the ambling activity of a free spirit, Bendl is doing this for a very good reason.

During the last few years, he and his dog 'Nice' have passed through twenty states and Washington D.C. in support of diabetes awareness and outreach. Bendl has lost loved ones to the ever-prominent disease, and is a firm believer that prevention is the best cure.

Despite muggy summer temps and the occasional unsupportive state trooper, Bendl regularly and intricately blogs from the road. He vows to keep up the 10 miles-a-day trek until "the snow flies."

Bendl's message? Love each other, and stay together, longer, by walking toward health.

WJON's Abby Faulkner pulled off Hwy. 10 to have a chat with him.