Former St. Cloud Tech standout Nate Wolters will be drafted tonight by an NBA team. The question remains where in the draft and by which team. Recent projections have Wolters going anywhere from late in the first round through the middle of the second round.

Wolters' agent Jared Karnes says that one challenge the guard has been able to overcome is a relative lack of exposure while playing at South Dakota State. However, Karn notes that Wolters opened up a lot of eyes with good workouts over the past two months.

Karnes says that one of the "knocks" on Wolters has been a perceived lack of speed on defense, something that the agent says is not necessarily true, and is more than overcome by Wolters' sheer athleticism.

Karnes says that although the draft is just hours away, there are still more questions than answers. He adds that Wolters will be at home in St. Cloud to follow the draft with his family and a few close friends.

For more from Karnes, including teams he think might be a good fit for Wolters, and how the former Tiger's personality helps his draft stock, check out the full interview below: