UNDATED -- It won't be long and we will again be driving on snow-covered roads and the State patrol is reminding us to slow down and give ourselves more time.

Lieutenant Eric Roeske says statistics show people who are in a hurry and try to make up time have a better chance of going into the ditch or getting into a crash.

Roeske says if you find yourself in a skid, don't panic, stay calm and maintain control.  Let off the gas and don't use the brake. He says you should pick out a spot down the road where you want the car to go and steer toward that point. Also, be careful not to over-correct when trying to steer out of a skid.

Roeske says make sure to have a winter survival kit in your vehicle, have a blanket, boots, hat and gloves on hand too in case you get stranded.

He says common sense and awareness of your surroundings will go a long way in keeping you and your families safe this winter.