The weather appears to be getting warmer and that means going through your old clothes and finding things to wear for spring. Maybe you’ve lost weight and the old clothes don’t fit or you’re just bored with your fashion routine. Here are a few new online shopping destinations to go to to score designer duds for a steal.

I love shopping. I love clothes. I love fashion. When I see someone with a cute top, great shoes or funky jewlery, I always make sure to compliment them and ask where they got it. So many times they bought whatever it was online and they don’t remember where, or they bought it on vacation and it’s some store I’ll never be able to get to.

One website I love to go to and drool is Net-a-Porter. I say drool because it’s completely out of my league. Until now. A new upstart website called OutNet was started by the same people who run Net-a-Porter, only these clothes are affordable! One stylish lady everyone seems to have their eyes on is Duchess Catherine. One of her favorite designers is Issa London. Remember the blue wrap dress she wore when she and Prince William announced they were getting married? (It has its own Wikipedia page, by the way.) That dress was from Issa London and it sold out around the globe within 24 hours spawning knock offs everywhere. The OutNet not only has that dress and others like it, they have it for 70 percent off.

Have you ever seen a celebrity wearing something and think, “I wonder what she does with her clothes after she’s done wearing them?” God forbid a celebrity be seen wearing the same thing twice, right? Well, celebrities sometimes sell their wares to websites who sell them to us. Vaunte is one of those websites. They sell gently used designer clothing and shoes for a huge discount. Fashion editors are some of the luckiest people because designers just send them clothes in order to get some press. Fashion editors don’t always like what they get and don’t want to just give them away, so they sell them on websites like Vaunte.

Shoptiques is a brand new global online only retailer. If you don’t lead the jet set lifestyle, at least you can look like you do. Shoptiques has access to shops and boutiques all around the world. You can search by area (Hello, Paris!), price, or color for bags, shoes, accessories and clothing. If you’re looking for something specific and have a budget, there’s one on one chat live with a personal stylist who can help you.

One store I’ve always wanted to visit, but never had the guts to walk in to was Barney’s New York. Now we can all visit Barney’s online thanks to Barney’s Warehouse. The website just launched in February. You can shop the entire Barney’s store and grab deals at up to 70 percent off.

Strangely enough, the Barney’s site isn’t my favorite. The one I love out of all of these is TopShelf. Do you have something you love in your wardrobe that you bought on sale, but can’t seem to find anything to go with it? TopShelf allows you to upload a picture of that item, give your personal stylist your sizes and your budget and they’ll come back with five looks you can buy that moment and on budget. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something specific for an event or don’t have the time to scour the stores looking. TopShelf will do it for you. Brilliant.