We know what we should put on our resume, but there are a few things you should never put on your resume. 

In this digital age of over sharing, your resume is your first impression, so you want to tweak it to fit exactly what the employer wants, but there are a few things employers don't care about, makes you look weird and don't need to know.

Everyone has hobbies. I play guitar and drums, I love hockey and cooking. Growing your own furniture, duct tape fashion, gravestone rubbing, odd collections and the like may be a huge turnoff.  Unless I'm applying for a job that needs those special skills, it's best not to include them on the resume. We may think that having unique hobbies will be a conversation starter, but no. They make you look weird.

Your private business is just that. Your private business. Keep things like your age, marital status, how many kids you have and other private matters off your resume. You may think that it's an important part of who you are and what kind of employee you will be, but it's private information and legally, your employer can't ask such questions, so don't offer them up.

It's also a good idea to keep sensitive information like your social security number off your resume. They may say they're going to keep your resume "on file", but that may mean the recycling bin, and you also don't know who is going to see that resume, so keep it to yourself until you actually have the job and they ask for it.

Job related experience is important. Unrelated job experience isn't. Read the help wanted ad and tailor your resume to what they need. Don't include your fast food job from high school if you're applying for a job as a lawyer. If they're looking for a shipping and receiving clerk and you've done that, but you've also answered phones, filed spec sheets, sorted mail and assisted the drafting department by labeling components on blue prints, keep your experience to just the shipping and receiving and maybe the phones part of it. Focus instead on your organizational skills and anything else they specifically ask for.

Finally, if your email address is crazycatladykittykittylicklick69 at gmail, you're going to want to change it on your resume to something a little more professional. While that's fine for social media, a possible employer may be turned off by it.