It's a "What Up Wednesday" on WJON and here's what the St. Cloud area was talking about this morning.


Mike called, concerned about a WJON News story about missing mail. Waite Park Police are asking you to watch your mail and let them know if you think you have mail missing.  That after they pulled over a drunk driver and found a bunch of stolen mail in the vehicle. DETAILS


A small businessman who sells for a living heard President Obama's speech last night and says he was not energized. The caller's suggestion -- break up the huge companies and have more smaller companies fuel the economy.


Without any elaboration, another caller had one word for Sartell Mayor Joe Perske: "Goofy."


Another Mike says it's not the federal government's business to set the minimum wage. He suggests the government step back and allow businesses to self-regulate. He also agrees with the earlier caller who says we have too many big businesses and we need to break some of those up. Mike also thinks we see the President too often and the State of the Union Address is outdated.


Trucker Bob called in to say he did his penance and sat through "that whole propaganda thing" last night. Bob says he doesn't understand how Michelle Obama is responsible for slimming-down "all these obese children." He also says he wants to see how big of an emperor the President will become now that he doesn't need Congress to get things done. Bob says we're in for "a rough ride over the next three years." He says we'll see how mean the U.S. can be when the President snubs his nose at everyone.


A caller says the president presents well and can give a good speech. But, she says, it's a "pack of lies" and "deception."


A caller says it's a good thing our next President can undo anything President Obama does through his executive powers.


Just some of the comments from this morning's show. Join us each Wednesday morning for the open-phones show we call "What Up Wednesday."