BURNSVILLE - The Minnesota-North Dakota Better Business Bureau has released a list of the top 10 industries for consumer complaints last year.

The BBB says once again, industries that directly impact people's day to day lives, make up a majority of the list. The BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota received just shy of 23,000 complaints in 2015, down slightly from the previous year.

The top ten industries by volume of complaints are:

1) Auto dealers - New
2) Newspapers
3) Auto dealers - Used
4) Property Management
5) Banks
6) Auto Repair
7) Construction and Remodeling
8) Furniture - Retail
9) Electronics
10) Contractors

The top ten industries by consumer inquiries:

1) Collection Agencies
2) Contractors
3) Construction & Remodeling
4) Roofing Contractors
5) Auto Dealers - Used
6) Checks - Printing
7) Property Management
8) Pillows
9) Home Builders
10) Plumbers

For more on consumer news and business reviews, visit the BBB website.