It’s almost payday and there’s a lot of month left. Here’s what you should be buying in March. 

It may not seem like it, but spring is almost here. In fact, it’s 13 days away. Here’s what you should be snapping up to get the most bang for your buck this month.

Going on spring break but you need some new luggage? Now is the time to buy. It’s between the holiday travel season and summer family vacation season, so if your bags are beaten up or worn out and you think your luggage likely won’t make it past this travel season, now is the time to go shopping.

Golf season will be here before you know it. Really. I promise. If you need a new set of clubs or want to buy a set of clubs for your husband as a surprise, hit the pro shop now. The pro shops are looking to clear out for this upcoming season and you’ll be able to buy new clubs for a discount. He’ll likely be so happy you bought him a set of golf clubs; he won’t care if they’re last year’s models.

This next one is going to sound really odd, but I actually did notice this one and I wasn’t sure why. Frozen foods are on sale big time right now because it’s frozen foods month. Frozen foods keep for a long time, so if you have some space in your freezer, now is the time to stock up. I bought a huge ready to heat platter of chef prepared frozen veggies for under $5 and there were coupons in the paper and stickers all over the place recently when I hit the store.

Do you need some long underwear or a new ski jacket? Chances are they won’t be cheaper than right now. Retailers have rolled out the bikinis, sunscreen and flip flops, so the thermal undies, boots and coats have been moved to the clearance section. It’s March and March is one of the snowiest months of the year, so chances are you’re probably going to need those things before long. Why not snap them up on the cheap?