If this weather forecast has you ready to head for the hills (or the beach), here are some things you don't want to wear in the airport security line.

If you don't want to get flagged for extra security screening, there are a few things you definitely want to stay away from in the airport security line. Think "dress for success" and breeze through the line in no time at all.


Of course, you want to wear shoes, but certain kinds are just going to slow you down. If you have shoes with lots of buckles, zippers, ties or snaps, leave them at home. If your footwear is difficult to remove (or put back on), you're going to get bogged down and hold everyone up. If I'm flying, I wear slip ons. Cute ballet flats, slingbacks, loafers, mules or even boat shoes are perfectly acceptable and stylish so you'll be cute and comfortable. Speaking of comfort, the Propet Travel Walker Shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes you'll ever put on your feet. I know velour track suits are popular for travel comfort, these shoes will be comfy and they come in six colors.

Excess Jewlery

If you're wearing a few necklaces, cocktail rings and bracelets, you're going to have to take them all off. Then you'll have to put them all back on. Wedding rings and earrings likely won't send you to the pat down line, but excessive piercings in places not meant to be seen by the public may require additional screening. At Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport they have a back scatter machine and the screener can't see you, just an outline of your body and any questionable things on or in your body, so they may pull you aside. It's best to just leave the flashy jewelry in your carry on, or better yet, at home.

Baggy Clothing

"Baggy clothing" doesn't just mean droopy drawers - which you should never wear anyway. Baggy clothing can be anything from droopy drawers to loose and flowy skirts or big bulky hoodies. The Transportation Security Administration says that anything they deem to be bulky or loose enough to hide prohibited items should not be worn through airport security.

Your best bet is if you carry on, make sure it's neatly packed and before you get to the front of the line, have your jacket or sweatshirt, keys, spare change and belt all in your carry on. Once you get to the gate, then put everything on and back where it should be.

Did you know the TSA has an app? It's free and available for the iPhone and Android.

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