Thinking about taking out a special girl? Apparently we, all of us, are quite judgemental on a first date. Sometimes, a person who really likes you can blow any chances they have with you, by doing something really stupid on a first date. Here's a list of some of the things that people don't appreciate. Pay close attention.

  1. Ordering your dates food FOR them. (Without asking what they wanted).
  2. Smacking your food, and/or belching. (Seriously...shut your mouth please).
  3. Posting on social media during the date. (What are you posting about me)?
  4. Texting others while on a date with you.
  5. Taking photos of the food.
  6. Making or answering the phone while you're on your date.
  7. Going to a restaurant that serves animal organs.
  8. Taking your date out to a fast food joint. (Unless it's her favorite restaurant).
  9. Ordering seafood.
  10. Eating onions or garlic.  (Forget that first and last goodbye kiss).