ST. CLOUD - With the summer months already upon us many people are hitting the water. With all the water fun however, comes that chance for water hazards.

Learn how to read the water and avoid hazardous situations.

St. Cloud Fire Department spokesman, Jeff Gendreau says fire rescues vary from year to year but this year has been especially busy due to the high water, and lingering effects from last year's wind storm. Gendreau explains what strainers are.

"It knocked a lot of trees down along the Sauk. We call those strainers because it allows water through but not objects. If you are in a tube, canoe, or a boat you can get up on that strainer capsize, and the water can actually push you against the tree or underneath"

Gendreau says that having experience will be your biggest help to avoid capsizing. He went on to say having the proper gear will also lower your risk of putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

"Learn how to read the water and avoid hazardous situations. If the water is coming up, and is high like it is right now and you are not an expert, you should be staying off the water.  Just don't put yourself in a situation where you are going to get hurt."

There is also some tips for people who call the fire department when someone is in need of help. Gendreau says having an exact location and time helps them rescue the victim faster.

"So if we have the time we can estimate about how far down the river they have gone, and you can put a truck ahead of them to get in front of them."

One last piece of advice. Gendreau says

"The best thing they can do is to make sure that they have the proper protective equipment on, their life jackets, that's going to keep them floating."