Wednesday, Dick Day will be our guest, and we'll talk all things racino.
We're facing a $6.2 BILLION deficit for Minnesota, our kids need a good education, the Vikings want and/or need a new stadium,
we have some serious infrastructure problems, and who knows what else will come out of the woodwork in the next biennium?!?!
Is gambling the answer? Exactly how will this work? If you've listened to past "two Cent Tuesday" programs, there seem to be a fair amount of folks who think state-owned casinos/racinos are an obvious part of the budget solution. What do YOU think?

The Brothers Roscoe also are going to be our guest, and will have the latest on their book, "Legacies of Faith - the Catholic Churches of Stearns County", which is in its' second printing.

Anybody have a good fishing report? I'd like to get out this next weekend, and need a productive destination!

THANKS for listening, and we'll see you on the radio!