WAITE PARK - Waite Park has seen an increase of burglaries and theft happening at local businesses over the last month.

Criminal activity has spiked in the area of 33rd and 34th Avenue South and the 7th Street South business area. Community service officer Alicia Mages says business owners should report any suspicious activity they see to police.

"If there's a vehicle in the area that looks suspicious or is hanging out a little too long or video recording, just give the police a call and give a description of the people inside and the license plate number if you have it."

Mages says owners should also double check their business before leaving and after arriving to see if anything has been damaged or taken.

Waite Park has also seen a spike over the last month in vehicle and mail theft. Police are reminding you to never place checks in your outgoing mail box. You should take sensitive mail to the post office and pick up delivered mail as soon as possible.