WAITE PARK -- Accommodations, sound system, seasonal use, and overall layout are just some of the key questions needed in order to move forward with the amphitheater project.

Waite Park officials held a work session Monday afternoon, to help make some of those decisions.

Some of the items discussed were to have fixed or open seating near the stage, sloped lawn seating, the use of visual displays boards and if the project should be completed in stages.

Over the summer, preliminary plans called for seating capacity of 4,000 people and 400 parking stalls. If the project is completed in stages seating could start at 2,000 people and just over 300 parking stalls.

Specific details such as project costs will be discussed when plans are further developed.

No action was taken at this time. Next steps on the project would be for Oertel Architects to come up with more detailed design plan, determine a budget for the initial phase of work, picking a management team and decide the types of performers to bring in.

A final master plan and cost estimate is expected to be brought before the council late next month.

The proposed amphitheater site will oversee a piece of quarry land along 17th Avenue and Parkway Drive.