WAITE PARK -- Waite Park is looking to create a new identity after a recent survey shows many residents feel their is none.

During tonight's (Monday) work study session the council was presented with several potential logos and taglines for the city.

Back in September the council approved to work with Think Creative to help come up with a new logo design.

Kevin Ehlinger with Think Creative says when it comes to rebranding you want something unique.

"When you're trying to appeal to residents in the community, visitors that might come here and you're trying to build economic development and businesses to attract that's one of the key goals you want for your community," says Ehlinger.

Waite Park currently uses two different logos, which include the "WP" or the centennial logo, which can be confusing. They also have a tagline that several other cities currently use.

Ehlinger says one of the challenges of rebranding is coming up with one vision the community can gather around.

"What is the vision, what do you (as a city)want to be. Then it's coming up with that one statement and the challenge when it comes to logo identity is having a symbol people can identify with," says Ehlinger.

Ehlinger presented the council with four new logos which played off the current "WP" logo and three taglines such as "vibrant connected community", "where Minnesota connects", and "Minnesota’s largest small town," to help try and identify Waite Park.

While no action was taken the council did come to agreement on the bold new "WP" logo and the tagline "where Minnesota connects."

Ehlinger says from here they will come up with a final design and present it to the city council.

The rebrand ties into the results of the survey from the land use study.