ST. CLOUD -- A nationally-touring exhibit telling the story of the fight for civil rights in America makes its stop at the Stearns History Museum.

The exhibit, "For All The World To See", opens tomorrow (Monday) and runs through May 25th in St. Cloud.

"It is a visual attempt to help people understand the '50s and '60s and the struggle that this country went through with civil rights," says Jim Davis, the CEO of Stearns History Museum.

The exhibit arrived in St. Cloud last week in 18 large crates which Davis says took the museum's staff a few days to set up. Hundreds of compelling photographs, television clips, and historical artifacts are on display to illustrate how media helped to kickstart a national movement against perceptions of the time.

"It's a large exhibit, filled with pictures that really are dramatic in their impact of what was happening through that period of time," Davis says.

"I think that for the youth of today and those around us to really understand that period of time and the impact that it had, they really should come and view this."

Davis says the museum is -- and always has been -- a place where important conversation can be had.

"We like to think of the museum as a 'front porch for the community'," Davis says. "It's a non-political kind of safe place for people to come together."

"[All of the things] we've collected over time here give you a perspective from the past in looking at where we are today -- it's a wonderful place to have those kinds of meaningful conversations."

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON