BLOOMINGTON  (AP) — A Bloomington man is now charged with throwing objects at cars and trucks, including a vise that broke a driver's jaw.

Thirty-nine-year-old Gerret Parks is charged with four counts of property damage and one count of first-degree assault.

Police are searching for Parks, who posted bail early Sunday from Hennepin County Jail. On Monday, he was bailed out of jail in Polk County, Wis., after being arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and fighting with police.

An investigator reports he was able to link Parks to five incidents of thrown objects, including the one that sent National Guard Sgt. Jon Stacke to the hospital last week.

Jon Stacke is the grandson of Paul Stacke of Sartell.  Paul Stacke was also a longtime newsman for WJON.

Police report 14 incidents of objects hurled at cars and trucks in Bloomington between Dec. 29 and Feb. 27.

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