CLEARWATER -  Larry Mendivil has always had a passion for fixing cars, but after his service in the Air Force, Larry has mixed this passion with helping fellow veterans.

For nearly two years, Larry has been traveling the country helping fix veterans vehicles at heavily reduced prices for his charity “Miracles for Vets".

"Our whole programs are designed to not only help the veterans fix their cars, it's showing people how to connect together to make a bigger difference," Larry says.

This week Larry is at Rigs to Rods in Clearwater, helping those in need in Central Minnesota.

"Just to see another veteran get help and then it reminds me of how I was struggling before I had my benefits go through, you have to remember the struggles you've had in your life and relate that to the struggle other vets are going through," Larry says.

After hearing his story, Rigs to Rods was more than happy to help Larry by giving him space in their shop to work on vehicles. The shop also donated tools and supplies to help him work. Robert Spring with Rigs to Rods says they were more than happy to help the cause.

"It's a way of giving back to veterans, they fought the cause that allows us to be where we're at nowadays-why not help them out in their time of need?" Spring says.

Larry fixes cars of all shapes and sizes and even uses a good portion of his military benefits for the charity, he says the satisfaction of helping those in need outweigh the costs.

"It's about showing those veterans that there's other vets out there trying to make a business," Larry says.

Miracles For Vets is continuing to grow and operates throughout the Midwest. Larry hopes to continue growing the charity in the future and the services it can provide.

Larry will be at Rigs to Rods in Clearwater through September 14th. Those who are interested in helping or donating to Miracles For Vets can find more information here. Donations can also be made at Wells Fargo Banks.


Larry Mendivil works on a veterans car in Clearwater. (Dan DeBaun, WJON News)