Can't think of what to get your special lady? Anything on this guide will get you a huge thank you and keep you out of the dog house.

What woman doesn't love a spa day? I can't think of one. Every woman loves to be pampered and many of us don't get it for ourselves. A spa facial, a mani/pedi, massage for just her, a couples massage, or a haircut and color are all great ideas. Just give her a way to have some "me time" away from the stresses of work and the kids. Can't think of one? Check out Spa Index. It gives you a city by city guide for spas in our area.

Speaking of me time, a "me day" is always a good idea. It's a day dedicated to just her. Surprise her with a manicure and shopping date. Tell her you're going to take her out looking for an outfit for a night on the town. If you complete the look with a new bag and shoes, prepare to be knocked over with kisses. Take her out for breakfast before, lunch or coffee during and then take her to her favorite place for dinner. By the way, you're not allowed to complain and you should hold her purse when she's trying on clothes.

If you're looking for some couple time, go away together. You don't have to buy airplane tickets. All you have to do is book hotel reservations someplace close by. Minneapolis, Duluth, Brainerd or Alexandria will all do the trick. There are hotels all over the place. Even if you only have enough money for one night in the nicest room they have, do it. Another great idea is a regular room and if they have a spa, book an appointment for her when you get there. She won't forget it.

If your lady is anything like me, she's probably cold right now. When you aren't around to keep her warm, get her a blanket. Not just the pilly old one in the closet. Get her a real quilt she can use. Many companies like Patchwork Memories create quilts and blankets from old shirts or baby clothes. Etsy is another great spot to find cute throw blankets and quilts. It is kind of short notice, but, you can always print out what you're giving her and wrap up an envelope in nice paper and let her know her special gift is on its way.

Nothing beats a romantic night in. If you cook, whip up her favorite meal. If you don't cook, grab takeout from her favorite restaurant. Set the table, light some candles, grab her favorite bottle of wine and you clean up the mess. Pick her favorite movie and snuggle up on the couch.

Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!