UPSALA -- An Upsala man will compete in an international auctioneer competition after being named champion at a regional event in Minnesota last week.

Isaac Schultz won the 2016 Minnesota State Auctioneers Association competition last Thursday in Minneapolis and will compete at the International Auctioneer Championship this summer. A third generation auctioneer, Schultz says it's in his blood.

"I grew up in the family business," Schultz says. "From the time I could walk and talk, I've been in the auction business."

Schultz became an auctioneer in 2007 and has been a contestant in the state competition twice before winning it this year. This year's competition featured 17 auctioneers from Minnesota and surrounding states who are judged during a live auction. The judges score each contestant on criteria including speed, rhythm, clarity, pitch and presentation.

"It's very humbling," Schultz says. "There are so many people who have been a mentor to me who were in the audience and it was just very special to me to be able to win."

Schultz says the biggest thing he's looking forward to is getting the chance to grow more as an auctioneer at an international level.

"Every time you cross the stage as a contestant in an auctioneer competition, it's a chance to better yourself -- as an auctioneer and an individual."

The International Auctioneer Championship will be held on July 19th-23rd in Grand Rapids, Michigan.