WAITE PARK -- Waite Park police say a man was hit in the head by a pop can after telling two suspects to stop harassing a woman outside of Home Depot.

The incident happened around 11:00 a.m. Wednesday in the Home Depot parking lot.

Waite Park police chief Dave Bentrud says the victim witnessed to men making harassing comments to a female entering the store and told them it "wasn't cool" and to "knock it off."

The man then entered to store.

When he came out, the two suspects drove by, yelled at him and threw a pop can at his head, before driving away towards Grizzly's.

Officers responded to the scene and noticed a small lump on the victim's head. The victim told police he would go to the hospital.

Bentrud says police checked with businesses in the area and none of them had video of the assault.

The suspects in the attack are described as two white men with beards, wearing a hats, and driving a light colored pickup with loud a exhaust.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Waite Park police department.