ST. CLOUD - An apparent phone scam using a St. Cloud Police Department phone number continues and authorities say the scammers are now using another city service number.

Over the past two weeks, the police department's front desk has taken several calls from people saying that someone called them from the number 251-1200. That's the police department's non-emergency number. It's an incoming line only, and it can't be used to make outgoing calls. So, if you receive a call with the number 251-1200 on your caller ID, its most likely a hoax.

Police say people have been called by another phone number, 251-7200, and asked to send money to the caller. That number is the main trunk number for the City of St. Cloud, which is also incapable of making outgoing calls.

The calls appear to be targeting foreign students at St. Cloud State University. One caller claimed to be from the IRS and said the person would be arrested and expelled from school, if they didn't pay money.