MAPLE LAKE - The State Patrol has released the names of the people involved in that multi-vehicle crash down near Maple Lake on Tuesday night.

They say 73-year-old Barbara Belka of Rockville is at HCMC with serious injuries. Fifty-five-year-old Steven Voigt of St. Cloud has non life-threatening injuries. Twenty-year-old Mark Rieger Borer of Annandale has non life-threatening injuries. Thirty-nine-year-old Wayne Paler of Annandale has non life-threatening injuries. And 40-year-old Julie Meyer of Maple Lake condition is not known.

Wright County Sheriff's deputies and Annandale police found a vehicle in South Haven that was involved in an earlier crash. However, the suspect failed to stop for them and went eastbound on Highway 55 from Annandale. Officers terminated the pursuit as they approached Maple Lake. That suspect then caused a crash involving five vehicles.

The suspect's name has not been released.

The incident started at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.