Do you have someone on your gift list where you’re just drawing a blank? Grab a gift box!

Gift boxes are a fun way to give a gift every month all year. Here are a few fun ideas.

Pet Lovers

Is there someone on your gift list that is an animal lover? If they’re all about dogs like our midday friend, Cindy Wear, get them a Bark Box. Once a month, Bark Box sends goodies, toys, bones and other products for their dog. It’s not just a gift you’re giving to your friend and their dog, it’s also a gift that’s going to help other animals in need. If cats are more their thing, try Best Friend Box. They have products for both cats and dogs. The monthly cost depends on your plan, but they start at $19 and ten percent goes to help friends in need.

Makeup Maven

Do you know a young lady that’s always trying new beauty products? Maybe she’s a budding makeup artist or can’t always afford to get nicer new beauty products. Give her a Birch Box. Birch Box has you fill out an online profile for your coloring and preferences and then, for $10 a month, every month Birch Box sends a box of new sampler sized beauty products. They also offer Birch Box for Men for $20 a month if you know someone like Chad and don’t know what to get them. Another alternative is ipsy, which costs the same as Birch Box and while Birch Box is great, I’ve discovered some great products from ipsy. They have a stylists that select the gift products for you and packages them in cute little makeup bags. Bonus: Membership is free if you just want to try stuff here and there.

Parents of Little Ones

Do you have a friend or family member on your list that has a child or two under the age of five? Citrus Lane Gift Boxes are a fun way to surprise them every month. These are also an especially fun way to surprise a new mother. The boxes are specifically tailored for the child’s age and developmental stage and it’s packed with books, clothing, toys and other goodies special for babies up to five year olds. Shipping is free and you can send a box for $19 a month.

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