After recently finding out about two incredible boys, I felt compelled to share their story. It's one that makes me so thankful to have had a childhood that was filled with love and safety.

These two boys grew up with their mother and father in southern China. 2 1/2 years ago their mother was struck and killed by an automobile. The driver of that vehicle was never caught. The family never received any compensation. Their father was much older than their mother, and died at home shortly after from heart failure.

The village helped the boys, then 7 and 11, cremate their father. With no other relatives, no income and no guardian, the boys wandered to the next village where they were taken in by an orphanage, which is where they are still at today. An urgent request went out for adoption because when children turn 14, they are no longer adoptable by law. Gabe will be turning 14 in March.

To make a long story short, a wonderful family reached out to them, and through stacks and stacks of paperwork, were approved for the adoption. They themselves have a 22 year old son with special needs, who is suffering from kidney failure, and will need to have a kidney transplant next month or start dialysis.  They had wanted to bring the boys home by Christmas, but with the $35,000 adoption fee all at once, it's going to take a little bit longer. They are hopeful to have the boys home by New Years Eve.

They have a fundraising page, and I'm hoping you will be able to reach out and help. Click HERE to make a donation and learn more. I'm hoping that we can be the BIGGER family to show these children that there is compassion in the world, and we want them to be safe in their beds, under the covers, warm and comforted.


It's stories like these that we really want to inform our audience about. Lets work together to do good things for our families, friends and neighbors. If you know someone in need, please send us detailed information and pictures if possible to: or