ROSEVILLE - Two area schools have received "reward" status from the Minnesota Department of Education for being in the top 15 percent of schools that receive Title 1 funding, which is allocated to schools with high levels of students in poverty.

The rankings come with the release of the multiple measurement ratings (MMR). The MMR evaluates a school's performance based on student proficiency on state exams, student growth over time, reduction of achievement gaps between white students and students of color and increased graduation rates for high schools.

The rankings also use focus rating scores that measure their contribution to the state's achievement gap.

Pine Meadow Elementary in Sartell received reward status with an MMR score of 83.96 percent and a focus rating of 88.67 percent. Pioneer Elementary in the Pierz school district also received reward status with an MMR score of 80.53 percent and FR of 85.66 percent.

Around a dozen other Central Minnesota schools were given "celebration eligible" status, meaning they ranked in the top 25 percent of schools below the reward ranking.

This year's MMR results don't include new designations of priority and focus schools that are eligible to receive intensive support from the state. New priority and focus schools were designated in 2014, including three in the St. Cloud area school district.

Talahi Community School was given a priority status, putting it in the lowest five percent of schools among those eligible for funding for reading and math. Madison Elementary and Discovery Schools were given focus status, putting them in the bottom 10 percent.

Talahi showed significant improvement over the last year with a MMR or 30.04 percent and a FR of 23.86 percent. Last year the school had an MMR of 9.41 percent and a FR of 10.17 percent.

Madison Elementary and Discovery Community declined compared to last year. Discovery has a MMR of 21.50 percent and FR of 17.56 percent, compared to a MMR of 39.73 percent and FR of 47.66 percent last year. Madison Elementary has a MMR of 28.37 percent and FR of 23.46 percent, compared to a MMR of 36.06 percent and FR of 43.23 percent last year.