I have seen this personally:  A couple are out on a date, sitting across from each other - or sometimes next to each other - Or they're strolling along in a beautiful, pastoral setting.  They're there for one reason, right?  To spend time with each other, to get to know each other, not knowing where the path is taking them, but wanting and willing to try the journey with a companion.

So what is wrong with this picture?

They're not talking.  They're TEXTING.  Or Tweeting. Or something with someone else.  Do you suppose they text each other instead of verbalizing?

Don't get me started on FACEBOOK!  I don't really need to read the fact that you baked a cake today.

What I do need is a call from you or a visit from you, telling me about your day, how everything is going, and maybe I could tell you about mine.

Or maybe you need me to just listen.

We are human beings, and we need each other.

I am afraid that the warmth of personal communication is going the way of the number two pencil and a piece of scratch paper.

How can we figure out the problem if we no longer have the tools?  What happens when the battery goes dead?  If we're on our 'Droid or a calculator, either way, we're lost.

Please join me tomorrow for a fun conversation on Social Media with Abby Faulker.  We'll take your calls and kick around the usefulness (USELESSNESS?) of it all.