ST. CLOUD - There's still a need for tutors in the St. Cloud Area School District this upcoming school year.

An email from the Minnesota Reading and Math Corps says they're looking for around 30 tutors in District 742 for this year.

Reed Mauriala is a Math Corps tutor at North Junior High in St. Cloud. He says it's rewarding work that makes a difference.

"It's great to see the kids coming in the first day: they're kind of nervous, but we really show them that it's nothing to worry about, we're just helping struggling kids get better at math and algebra."

For Math Corps specifically, Mauriala says they have a need for three tutors at South Junior High, three at Clearview Elementary and one at North Junior High.

"You get to see change in yourself: you come in with certain expectations and those expectations are challenged and from that, growth and change comes about in both you and the student."

Both literacy and math tutors are fully trained by Reading Corps and Math Corps. To learn more and to apply, you can visit Minnesota Reading Corps, Minnesota Math Corps or call 866-859-2825.