Samson is a neutered 6 year old beagle mix. He’s been around all ages of kids as well as other dogs and they got along great. Samson loves to be around his people and will follow you around the house to keep tabs on what you’re up to. Who knows? You might pick up the car keys! If you leave the house without him, he’ll typically settle in by the door and patiently await your return! As un-Beagle-like as it is, Samson doesn’t really care for treats or toys, but will carry a Greenie bone around the house like a pacifier. Come meet Sampson and see if he’s victorious in winning over your heart!


Shenanigans is a spayed and declawed 6 year old cat who has a rather independent personality but yet enjoys attention. She’ll just let you know when she’s had enough of it. If you want to get her attention, shake a  bag of crunchy cat treats and she’ll come running! Shenanigans is used to being an indoor cat and since she’s declawed, it would be ideal for her to remain an indoor pet. She’s very vocal.  Sometimes her meow is low and gravely, and other times it’s high pitched and squeaky. It all depends on what she’s trying to message. Shenanigans’ adoption fee would be waived for a senior citizen or veteran. Now through the 14th of August, Shenanigans also qualifies for the Name Your Price Cat Sale!

Check out all the animals available for adoption by going to the Tri-County Humane Society’s website or Facebook page. Or visit them at 735 8th Street Northeast in St. Cloud. They’re open Monday through Thursdays Noon to 6; Fridays noon to 8; Saturdays 11 to 5; and Sundays Noon to 5.