Domino is a 1-year-old neutered cat that loves belly rubs and pizza even though he knows what that can do to his hips. Domino also has a 30-minute guarantee for making you smile! He is very affectionate and has an outgoing personality. He hasn’t had the opportunity to meet other cats, dogs, or young kiddos so slow introductions are recommended. Once you look into his green eyes you’ll be sure to fall for him!


Gemini is a 1-year-old neutered cat that is much like the astrological sign. He is social, chatty, and ready for fun, but he can turn serious rather quickly when you don’t give him his catnip or your hand to nibble on. Because of his play biting habit, Gemini probably shouldn’t go to a home with toddlers. He loves to play, give hugs, and be held during certain times of the day. If it’s in your horoscope to get a cat, Gemini is waiting for you!

Check out all the animals available for adoption by going to the Tri-County Humane Society’s website or Facebook page. Or visit them at 735 8th Street Northeast in St. Cloud. They’re open Monday through Thursdays Noon to 6; Fridays noon to 8; Saturdays 11 to 5; and Sundays Noon to 5.