ST. CLOUD - It's hard to believe, but the Christmas shopping season will be here before we know it.

With this in mind, one retailer, Toys R Us, has recently released their list of items they are highlighting as the year's likely top-sellers.

St. Cloud store manager Dan Provost says, after research, the company selects a short list of items they showcase before the holiday season.

This year's list includes Furby, back after hiatus, as well as a number of toys and action figures based on popular television shows and musical acts.

Provost says the company is piloting a new program called the "Hot Toy Reservation List," where parents can put 20% of the cost down early to reserve the toy and pick it up closer to the holiday season.

Check out our interview with Provost at Toys R Us to see a snapshot of what's going to be popular this season.