This is a very fitting story considering the school year is set to begin in less than a month. Just this week released their list of America's top 200 colleges. Find out the 6 Minnesota colleges that made the cut. Here is the criteria Forbes used to rank theses schools:  – 30% went to postgraduate success  – 27.5% went to student satisfaction  – 17.5% went to debt (The school was penalized for high student debt loads)  – 17.5% went to four year graduation rate  -7.5% went to competitive awards.

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    Carleton College

    Northfield, Minnesota

    #15 on Forbes list

    Making it into the top 20 of this Forbes list, a Carleton College education comes at a price. You can expect to pay around $42,000 per year for tuition alone, and you better study hard for your SAT's because the lowest score they will accept is a 1300. According to Forbes only 30% of applicants are admitted into the school every year.

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    St. Olaf

    Northfield, Minnesota

    #78 on Forbes list

    A degree from St. Olaf College is going to cost you about $37,000 per year and you are going to need to score a 1200 or higher on your SAT's to be considered. The private liberal arts college admits about 57% of its applicants.
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    University of Minnesota Morris

    Morris, Minnesota

    #90 on Forbes list

    This public liberal arts college comes in cheapest compared to the others that made the list, you can expect to pay around $12,000 per year. Your SAT score needs to be 1000 or higher and about 75% of applicants are admitted every year.
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    Macalester College

    St. Paul, Minnesota

    #102 on Forbes list

    Another private school with a high price tag, a years tuition comes in around $41,000. You are going to need at least a 1260 on your SAT's, and about 46% of applicants are accepted in to the school every year.

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    St. John's University

    Collegeville, Minnesota

    #114 on Forbes list

    The private all male school located just minutes from St. Cloud boasts a beautiful campus, but… you guessed it, it comes at a price. Expect to spend around $32,000 per year on tuition. Your SAT score needs to be at least a 1020, but if it will ease your nerves, around 84% of applicants are accepted.
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    Bethel University

    St. Paul, Minnesota

    #177 on Forbes list

    The price tag on this Christian university isn't so bad, coming in around $13,000 per year. It also has the lowest SAT acceptance score at 820, and another positive, they accept 78% of their applicants every year.