ST. JOSEPH -- After years of investigating and tracking down hundreds, if not thousands of leads, the Jacob Wetterling abduction again took center stage this summer. It's our top ranked story of 2010.

It was June 30th when Stearns County officials, FBI, K-9 teams and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension descended on the farm near where Jacob was abducted in 1989. Heavy equipment operators were digging up the ground on the Rassier farm and hauling it away in dump trucks.

Authorities revealed that new technology had led to new leads in the case.

Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner could only comment that a number of items were seized from the property but could not elaborate because of a judge's order placing a gag order on the investigation.

A man who lives at the farm that was searched told media outlets that he has been questioned by authorities numerous times about the boys disappearance. Daniel Rassier says he has submitted to a lie-detector test, hypnosis and a DNA sample. He maintains his


Analysis of the seized dirt and other property came back weeks later and revealed no evidence linking the Rassier family or anyone else to jacob's abduction.

No arrests have ever been made in the case and Jacob remains missing.