WAITE PARK - Waite Park Police have seen an uptick in calls regarding tires being stolen off of vehicles this summer.

Waite Park Community service officer Alicia Mages says they've seen the increase over the last couple months, with tires being taken off vehicles that are for sale or in for repair.

"It's happening at different car dealerships around town with no consistency to the makes and models of the vehicles. I know we're not the only agency that's experiencing this in Minnesota."

Waite Park Police also reported a spike of tire thefts in the winter.  Mages is reminding business owners to report any suspicious activity they may see.

"If you have a business and a customer comes in and appears to be casing the location - report that. If you have cameras, be sure to check that footage."

According to the alert sent out by police: Waite Park has also seen some reports of theft with auto parts, specifically catalytic converters.