UNDATED - During this National Photograph Month, we're getting some tips today on how to take better pictures with our cellphone cameras.

Whether it's a night out with friends, your kids' sporting events, or a day out on the lake, how can we improve the quality of our photos?  For some tips, we turned to Nick Campbell of Steve Diamond Elements in St. Joseph.

-- First he says, "Change your point of view or perspective". Try getting down low to the ground, or stand up higher off the ground on a chair.

-- When taking panoramic pictures of landscapes, buildings, or architecture take a minute to find a straight line in the scene to make sure the image is straight.  Also he says don't be afraid to get close up to add depth to the shot.

-- Campbell says lighting is very important. He suggests downloading an app called "Camera Plus", which allows you to choose where to put the focus, and where to have the most exposure.  Campbell says most people make the mistake of leaving the auto flash on their camera. He says you should leave it off, and only turn it on when you need it.  Watch for shadows on your subject's faces, and change the exposure setting if you have to. And, on days with bright sunlight, move into the shade.

-- For fixing the problem of red eyes, find a way to deflect the light coming from the camera.  Red Eye is created when the flash bounces off the person's eye and back to the camera.

-- When taking action shots, don't keep the camera still.  Instead, move the camera with the subject.

-- Everyone's taking selfies these days, but they're not always easy to capture.  Snapping the photo may be easier for you by using the volume up button, or the volume button on your earbuds.