UNDATED -- Camping and hiking season is here and that means tick season. University of Minnesota Extension Educator Beth Berlin says being diligent can go a long way in avoiding diseases like Lyme Disease, human anaplasmosis and Powassan encephalitis.

Berlin says prevention can go a long way.  She says start by trying to stay on trails and avoiding tall grassy areas if possible.  Otherwise, wear light clothing, long sleeves, long pants and tuck your pant legs into your socks.

If you are planning a hiking or camping trip, Berlin says use a repellant with 20%-30% DEET or permethrin.  Permethrin is only to be used on your clothes, not your skin.

Berlin says removing ticks before they latch on can go a long way in avoiding potential diseases. She says that's why it's so important to check yourself, your kids and your pets after every time you come in from outdoors.

For more information on ticks and tick-transmitted diseases visit the University of Minnesota Extension website.