UNDATED - Parts of Stearns County were under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning this (Sunday) evening.

The National Weather Service says there was a storm with 60 mile an hour winds, small hail, and heavy rain that impacted western and central Stearns County.

Some spotters reported potentially some small trees down in the St. Martin area, as well as some rotation in the clouds in the Paynesville and Richmond areas. Some parts of the county also got some heavy rain. A Flood Warning was also issued for southwestern Stearns County on Sunday evening, that included areas like Lake Henry, Roscoe, and Paynesville.  Trained weather spotters also reported large tree branches, 12 inches in diameter, that were downed in Brooten.

The Severe Thunderstorm Warning in Stearns County was initially issued at 5:20 p.m., and it expired at at 6:45 p.m.

Clouds near Cold Spring, photo courtesy of Andrea-Phil Robinson