SARTELL -- Three St. Cloud body builders will put their months of hard work to the test as they get set to compete in the Gopher State Classic Body Building competition tomorrow (Saturday).

Ben Statz, Ian Warzecha and Ethan Kleinschmidt have only been seriously lifting for about a year.

"You know it started off as recreational and then started getting into a common routine," says Kleinschmidt.

Just in their 20s these three will compete in their first body building competition at the Gopher State Classic. Something Ben says he never thought about doing. "A lot of guys said you need to compete you need to bring this on stage," says Statz.

The competition is made up of four categories for both men and women competitors.

Both Ben and Ian will enter the body building category which Ian says focuses on muscle definition, muscle size, symmetry. While Ethan will compete in the physique category.

"Physique is a little bit different then body building because you don't go by how big your muscles are, they go off of shape," says Kleinschmidt.

These three will put their months of training, dieting and practicing to they test against those in their age group.

"I'm a little nervous since this is my first show," says Warzecha. "But I think my hard work will pay off."

The competition is a national qualifier and will be held tomorrow at the Eden Prairie Performing Arts Center.


Local body builders get ready to take center stage at first body building competition. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)