COLD SPRING - The Third Street Brewhouse website was under maintenance over the weekend after allegedly being hacked by ISIS.

The website has since been restored as of Monday afternoon.

Cold Spring Police Chief Chris Boucher says the site was compromised on Saturday by a group or individual claiming to be with the Islamic State.

The website had the ISIS flag displayed with the message: "Hacked by Islamic State" and "Hacked by Islamic State, We are everywhere".

Third Street Brewhouse management says they ultimately decided to shut down the site over the weekened due to the message. Boucher says the it's not clear if ISIS actually hacked the site, but that he has doubts they would target the brewery.

"It could be anyone but I find it hard to believe that ISIS would pick on a Cold Spring brewery," Boucher says.

Cold Spring Police turned the case over to the area FBI branch.

Third Street Brewhouse management says they don't think there's any danger and that they are staying clear while the case is investigated. Third Street Brewhouse is located at 219 Red River Avenue North in Cold Spring.