Normally as the years pass, the prices for things go up. Here are somethings that will actually cost us less this year.

Big Electronics

Are you in the market for a laptop, TV, or digital camera? Good news! The cost of technology related products are projected to shrink in 2013. The author of the book, Do More, Spend Less: The New Secrets of Living the Good Life for Less, Brad Wilson says that thanks to improvements in technology, things like laptops, flat screen TVs and digital cameras are getting easier and less expensive to make. With technology easier and less expensive to make, more manufacturers are getting into the market creating a more competitive environment. Same goes for smart phones, tablets and video games. Except for Apple. Those products will always be more expensive because only one company makes them. Where you're going to get soaked is the data charges, so if you buy a smart phone or tablet, check your plan to make sure it can handle the add on.


Hallelujah! The U.S. Energy Information Administration says that one gallon of gas costs about 20 cents less than it did last year. Thanks to the U.S. and Canada's production of crude oil, prices of raw materials is dropping, but crude oil is an internationally traded commodity so global events like political unrest and weather can still effect prices at the pump.


This is because smart phone users have decided that if there's a free app that's good, it's better than a paid app that's perfect. Consultant Scott Steinberg says that there are thousands of free or inexpensive apps for our phones and tablets that were released in 2012 that offered "full fledged, program-level quality and performance, training shoppers to expect more for less." We're so used to paying little or nothing, companies are now being forced to keep app prices low or free.


This may be the year to take that cruise. The ships are getting bigger and are becoming a destination in and of itself, but last year's Costa Concordia disaster has turned a lot of people off when it comes to taking a cruise and the industry wants vacationers back. Sarah Gavin with travel site Expedia says that cruise ship companies will be offering lower prices and better incentives to get people back on board. Bundled vacations to destination resorts will also be less expensive when you book airfare, hotel and rental car all at the same time. Trips to Cancun, Mexico, the Carribean and Hawaii will all be less expensive this year, but the day trips, booze and spa services will cost you more.