ST. CLOUD -- Republican candidates Tama Theis, Jeff Howe, and Jim Knoblach each won their races for the State House tonight.

Knoblach Wins In District 14B

Republican challenger Jim Knoblach beat out incumbent Democrat Zach Dorholt in a close race in District 14B.

Knoblach says being involved in a tight race is something that he has some experience in.

"Four years ago, it was 13 votes with King Banaian," Knoblach says.

"And it was certainly close tonight."

Initial reports show that Dorholt lost by 69 votes, but he has indictated that he will not ask for a recount.

The close race brought about negative ads from both parties and a disappointed Dorholt speculates that the attack ads funded by outside sources, which were intended to help his campaign, may have actually hurt it.

"[Negative ads] turn down voter turnout," Dorholt says.

"People don't want to vote when they see all this stuff just bombarding them."

Theis Wins In District 14A.

Incumbent Republican Tama Theis will remain in the State House after her win last night. Theis says that the election of Republicans is necessary in order to achieve more balance in the capitol.

"So many folks are just tired of the one-sidedness [in the House]," Theis says.

"And they're ready for some balance, which I think can only happen when the House is Republican."

Theis recieved 55% of the vote in District 14A, beating out Democratic challenger Dan Wolgamott.

Howe Wins In District 13A

Republican Jeff Howe won the election last night in District 13A and will retain his spot in the State House.

Howe beat out Democratic challenger Emily Jensen after receiving 61% of the vote.

The incumbent representative says he appreciates the support that he received throughout his campaign.

"There's a lot of folks out there who worked very hard to get me where I'm at," Howe says.

"And I can;' say enough about the hard work they've done to give me a fighting chance to go back down to St. Paul."