America had the opportunity last night to instantly save one performer on The Voice. And the winner is...


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Although Mia Z wasn't my choice to win The Voice, I did want her to be in the top 10. In my opinion, this was a huge mistake for America. The choice to send Mia Z home, when she has the top 3 positions on itunes is sort of contradictory. America loves how did this happen?


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Brian...Brian...Brian....I will buy every album you release.  I will feature you on my show daily. As coach Adam reminded people...The show is called "The Voice" for a reason....Brian performed flawlessly...every performance....he was spot question. This man deserved to be in the top 3.  I want to sing a duet with him. He's got the pipes and the passion to make you believe any song he sings. I'm disappointed that America didn't recognize his amazing capabilities.


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Deanna was America's choice. Proof to me that people fell in love with the person...her beauty...her sweetness..her unique sound. Don't get me wrong. I DO like Deanna. She's a sweet girl. But if you are talking about technique, pitch perfection...comfort....America missed the mark.  Deanna deserves to be recognized as a great unique voice, but I still believe there were others that performed every night that were not recognized.


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Out of my favorite performers, there is one left. Joshua Davis. Tonya Boyd-Cannon and Brian Johnson....I will be looking for your music! Good luck Joshua!